Windshield Repair

Many times when a car or truck owner is driving down the busy freeways in the greater Pasadena area of Southern California, they will encounter airborne debris that will result in chipping or cracking the windshield of the auto. When this occurs, seeking out a windshield repair service as quickly as possible is key to avoiding more expensive glass replacement services when the damage grows. If you find yourself in this situation and find yourself in need of a windshield chip repair, then you should consider giving the expert staff at Pasadena Mobile Car Glass a call today. Our company has more than 16 years of experience helping our customers fix those annoying cracks and chips in their auto windshield before they become much bigger issues. Besides being a big impediment to you being able to see to drive your vehicle on the busy roadways in our local area before you get the glass fixed, a damaged windshield also poses the danger to growing to the point of requiring a full glass replacement if left alone. Do not delay if you notice damage to your vehicle’s auto glass, and give our friendly staff a call today.

One of the most common questions that our customers ask when calling to arrange a new service is how long our mobile repair service will take? For most situations, it will take our technicians approximately 30 minutes to complete the vehicle glass inspection and repair on the windshield damage. In the event there is additional damage discovered on the other windows on your SUV, car, truck, or van, our leading technician will bring this to your attention so that you can discuss a way forward on those areas of your auto. The last thing that we will ever do is leave you in a potentially unsafe position when it comes to safe operation of your automobile. We also guarantee that you will never be surprised by hidden fees or surcharges when you make the smart decision to partner with our company.

Windshield Crack Repair

In the event your auto’s windshield requires a windshield crack repair service, we recommend that you give us a call as soon as possible after noticing the damage. We have found during our company’s almost two decades of being in business that our customers have more to worry about than just the sometimes large temperature swings that we see in the Pasadena area when it comes to auto glass cracks growing. Depending on the part of town that you live in, you might encounter a number of speed bumps or even pot holes during your daily drive. This jarring of the vehicle that occurs during these moments can results in being enough of a catalyst to drive what was a small crack in your windshield to grow into something bigger. Once a crack gets too long, it will exceed the ability of our expert technicians to safely repair the damage. Do not let this happen with your automobile. You are our number one priority, and we have one of the best warranties that you will find in the car glass industry. Please give our staff a call today with any questions that you might have, and we look forward to serving you and we will always give you a free estimate on our services.