Windshield Replacement

There are a number of causal factors when it comes to the “why’s” behind having to get a full windshield replacement on your automobile. These range from encountering airborne debris on our busy roadways and highways in the Pasadena area of California to suffering a horrible car break-in. No matter what the reason, the last thing that any auto owner wants to do is delay in getting the job done once the glass requires replacement. At Pasadena Mobile Car Glass, we are here to help our customers take care of this stressful situation through our highly rated mobile auto glass repair service. We deliver this service at no extra charge to our clients, and we also have the best windshield replacement cost that you will find in Southern California. We are able to consistently deliver our low prices from our long-standing relationships that we have developed over our 16 years of serving the community, and we believe in passing the cost savings on to our customers.

By taking proactive action now on replacing a severely damaged windshield, you will be helping to ensure that all of your vehicle passengers are protected from both the elements as well as help ensure that the airbags will properly deploy in the event you are involved in a car accident. Most consumers do not realize that modern automobiles rely on the windshield being in-tact for the airbags to properly deploy. This also helps preserve the critical safety bubble that manufacturers rely on to protect passengers in the event of a rollover accident as well no matter what make or model of vehicle that you drive. Our team is very experienced with the full range of both foreign and domestic autos that can be found on the California roadways, and we are able to get most replacement jobs done in less than five hours. Our friendly staff will give you a rough estimate of how long to expect for the service call when you make arrangements for service, and we will never steer you wrong. Our company policy is to always give prospective clients free quotes on our services, and we look forward to your phone call today.